Are Paper Processes Slowing You Down?

In the hectic environment of an active construction project, paper processes can significantly impact your ability to efficiently manage project execution. They can also hinder your ability to quickly understand performance and make the changes necessary to keep everything moving forward.

As we talk to customers about their project challenges, we often find that paper-based processes are the root-cause of many of their issues.

Take the timesheet collection process: At the end of each shift, a foreman must collect actual hours worked by each crew member. Once each name, hour total, and signature is captured, these timesheets then need to be transferred into accounting and payroll systems to ensure proper payment. Hours worked must also be shared with the schedule so that project managers can monitor productivity and keep everything on track.

Managing all of these timesheets with paper can be time consuming and error prone. For example, not all handwriting is legible. Also, on a busy day, a foreman may lose track of paper. Or a manager may need to quickly find a timecard from a month ago to verify information.

How can this process be improved to more quickly and accurately capture what construction crews have done?

You can achieve greater efficiency and accuracy around job tracking with mobile solutions that are part of a unified project control platform. With an integrated software solution, foremen can easily track crew activities on tablets. In addition, information entered in the tablet can be linked to scheduling, cost management and accounting systems in real-time, providing better project management visibility into jobsite activity. A mobile solution can also drive billing and improve cash flow by capturing timesheets hours and flow them directly into payroll.

Foremen and crews along with project managers can all benefit from replacing traditional paper processes with mobile solutions.