Your legacy is in your hands.

A structure is more than just a collection of materials - it's a reflection of you. Be a part of the next generation of construction with technology that connects you with people and information like never before. InEight will allow you and your project to reach new heights, span further distances and serve greater purposes.

InEight recently acquired et alia, an SAP Channel Partner, as well as InEight subsidiaries Hard Dollar Corporation and Aeka Consulting. InEight's growth is a reminder that no matter the scope and size of your project, the most impressive thing you build is your legacy.

InEight Industry Solutions

InEight solutions have been tailored to fit the demands of all capital and maintenance projects. Whether you're in EC&O, Mining, Oil & Gas or Utilities, you can build and manage projects better with InEight.

InEight customers run better with SAP

Learn how InEight is embedding SAP technologies to help customers manage and monitor large, complex capital and maintenance projects all the way from the back office to the job site. InEight customers can now leverage their SAP investment across the entire project team, allowing them to lower project risk, increase management visibility and reduce costs throughout the project lifecycle.

Upcoming Events

Join us for seminars, training classes and workshops to learn more about how you can build better with InEight.

Save the Date! 2017 InEight Experience

  • March 29-31, 2017
  • Scottsdale, Arizona
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